Our Duty

We believe we are destined to realize the BIM engine called "BimViz" and it will bring the beautiful and efficient visual experience to the application softwares.

Our core team members have been working together 4 years:
 ★ One member has 3D-GIS engine development experience, and has been CTO in application software company many years.
 ★ One member has worked in engineering field for many years, and switch to be a product manager in application software company.
 ★ One member has been a 3d-game engine developer for many years, and switch in an application software company.

We will bring BIM+ to your software.

We will focus on BIM engine. you can build your BIM+ product with a little cost, and get exceeded 3D visualization effects.
We wish can cooperate with you to make the digital world more beautiful.

Welcome to contact us

We will Open your specified "BimViz Cloud" trial account.
Welcome to communicate with us, the bottom of page has the contact infomation↓.

Welcome to join us.

Version update log

Mar 2016


Build the initial version of BimViz; determine the client base on HTML5 and WebGL.
Compatible the international standard file format of BIM (*.ifc).

Apr 2016


Develop the theme rendering technology of BIM;
Support the sketch style theme;
Optimize the color and transparency of model.



Try use the open source engine "BIMServer", and absorb its advantages in BimViz:
The 3D scene supports multiple ifc files to combine together;
Supports BIM component hierarchy of 3D scene.



Try use the open source engine "XBIM", and absorb its advantages of data process in BimViz
Implove the process capability and the compatibility of IFC files.



Extend the data process core of BimViz:
Support the openflight data files.
Accomplish the 3D-model real time animation controlled by external interface .



Re-design and optimize the architecture of BimViz:
Accomplish the support of big model data and the selectable of component with property info.
Data compressed transport technique.
Compatible the nomarl 3D file format *.obj.
and so on...



Accomplish serveral widget for BimViz user to extend the interactive.
Provide SDK packages and encapsulate API function;
BimViz releases alpha version for trial account.



Release "cloud.bimviz.io" public cloud service for trial account.
Provide BimViz Javascript SDK and the introduction document.



The first BIM Engine supports offline model cache with B/S architecture.
The cache of BIM files are encrypted and compressed.
SDK will be updated at the same time.