• 3D Visualization / Engine / Development
    3D Development Engine For BIM

    V1.5.7, Wonderful Section & Measure function.
  • Without Plug-ins
    All Platforms Support
    Big BIM Files Support
    Beautiful and Efficient
    Hybrid Cloud
  • B/S Architecture
    Bulid BIM+ Product Faster
    Lots of API For Developer
    Just 4 Steps & 30 min
    Save at least 90% time and effort

3D Development Engine For BIM

Make BIM+ application development simple, Save at least 90% time and effort

3D engine in the Web browser

View in web browser without using plug-ins.BimViz has been enabled on all platforms, include Smart Phone and Pad.

Offline model cache

The loading speed will be superfast and cost no internet data after first loaded.
The cache model files are are encrypted and compressed.

Intelligent 3D rendering

No more manual process, just upload your BIM files,BimViz will show them in a beautiful and efficient way.

Big files support

Support mutifiles in one scene, the BIM files can be upto 5G+.
You can use it for area management of buildings.

Hybrid Cloud

Support hybrid cloud deployment; data compression ratio for transmission is more than 10:1.


Lots of API for developer; BimViz can be embed in your B/S product or APP, save time and effort.

Just 4 Steps, bulid your BIM scene in 30 minutes.

a BimViz Account


a BimViz Account

Content us to Request your BimViz Cloud Account, or buy the private cloud license.
You can login BimViz Cloud to manage your BIM projects.

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your projects


your projects

Create your BIM project;
upload BIM files;
then get the license key

BimViz Cloud

BimViz SDK


BimViz SDK

Develops document will introduce how to use the BimViz SDK;
make the process so easy.





We will offer technical support during integrating with your BIM product; make sure the debugging process success.

Your Product, Our 3D Visualization, 1+1>2

BimViz Makes your product become 3D version.


FM=Facility Management. BimViz let FM System become more pictorial, including:
  ★ the 3D visualization of facilities;
  ★ the 3D visualization of sensor (IOT);
  ★ the visualization of building energy consumption data;
  ★ view the covert facilities and assets;
  ★ and so on...

Smart Campus

BimViz will support the BIM and 3DGIS visualization solution for planning, design, construction and operation management of smart campus. including:
  ★ 3DGIS for whole campus and BIM for single building;
  ★ the 3d visualization evert step of campus;
  ★ the 3d visualization of FMCS(Facility Management Control System).

Industry 4.0

Combining application of BimViz and manufacturing system in industry 4.0. BimViz shows the position and movement of every equipment and component.
  ★ Show the 3D-model real time animation;
  ★ Simulate and review the manufacturing process;
  ★ The industrial equipment can be "transparent" or "exploded" to show the inside, and it will guide the repair work.


Does BimViz interest you?

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