Lightweight BIM development engine, “Build your 3D visualization in 30 minutes”

BimViz provides you a suite of integrated services for creating your BIM+ product, saving your time and effort, increasing productivity, and making you stay ahead of the competition.

     ★ BimViz Client bases on HTML5 and WebGL. It can be viewd in web browser without the use of plug-ins; supports all platforms include PC, MAC, SmartPhone and PAD.
     ★ BimViz takes the B/S architecture; it can be embed in your application softwares.
     ★ You can upload the BIM files directly in the website, and we support file format: *.obj, *.ifc, and so on...(we are expending more.)
     ★ BimViz can support the BIG BIM files (upto 5G+), and run smoothly on normal laptop.

You can upload multiple files in one scene. BimViz provides a file manager to control the transparency of each file (from different BIM team).
BimViz supports component hierarchy and domain type; you can set the visiable of them.
V1.3 already supports offline model cache.
The loading speed will be superfast and cost no internet data after first loaded.
The cache model files are are encrypted and compressed.

You can upload image files or use API to locate markers anywhere in the 3D scene; then set the size, transparency, visiable of the markers.
You can do these things by using BimViz API:
     ★ Mark the "Mission points" or "Abnormal points".
     ★ Mark "Picture and Video of real world" in BIM Space.
     ★ A Camera in BIM Space to view the security picture.
     ★ Mark IOT sensors, and show the status of them by changing the marker color.
     ★ Waiting for your creativity....

BimViz 3D scene supports to add 3D model(*.obj) in BIM space.
You can do these things by using BimViz API:
     ★ Use 3D model to mark facility, like the camera and sensor.
     ★ Simulate “Event”. like "Fire, smoke, moving person and fire engine".
     ★ Add the surround 3d model in the BIM space, like the street, parkland.
     ★ Waiting for your creativity....

The add-in marker and 3D model can be identified and show customized page window.
When user click the marker, you can do these things by using BimViz API:
     ★ Show the realtime security picture, when the camera marker or 3d model is clicked.
     ★ Show the temperature curve, when the sensor is clicked.
     ★ Show the panoramic photograph of real world, when the panorama marker is clicked.
     ★ Waiting for your creativity....

BimViz provides the layer manager. You can manager the uploaded components, set the visiable and transparency.
You can build your own layer manager, component manager with the BimViz API.

BimViz provides quick search function. It can get the results from millions of Components, and show them by result list.
When a component is selected, it will be highlighted and the others will be transparent.
We provide the BimViz API for component search and select.
The viewpoint will be re-located when a component is selected.

BimViz provides many tools in toolkit, contains spatial measurement, vertical measurement, viewpoint management, and so on...

BimViz provides several themes.
Different specialty can set different theme to show BIM more professional.

3D model in scene can be changed or moved by using API or presets.
★ It can be userd for construction simulation in the engineering and construction field.
★It can be userd for industrial robot simulation in the industry manufacture field.